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Malaysia Dengue Update

Malaysia dengue and chikungunya update


During the week ending December 3, Malaysia health authorities reported 1,935 additional dengue cases compared to 1,734 during the previous week, which is an increase of 201 cases (11.6%).

Dengue symptoms/Malaysia Health Ministry

A total of two deaths due to dengue fever complications were reported that week.

The cumulative number of dengue fever cases reported to date is as many as 58,239 cases compared to 24,049 cases for the same period in 2021 which is an increase of 34,190 cases (142.2%), while there were 39 deaths due to dengue complications reported compared to 19 deaths for the period the same in 2021, which is an increase of 20 deaths (105.3%).


Chikungunya surveillance recorded 21 cases in the week ending December 3 with 20 cases from Penang and one case from Selangor.The cumulative number of chikungunya cases are now 731 year to date.