Who Are We?

Vectorcide International Ltd is a UK based company that operates globally

Vectorcide International Ltd is a UK based company operating on a global platform throughout the world.

  • VC Coating – a clear paint-like coating that is applied inside your home. It kills mosquitoes quickly and does not release toxic chemicals into your environment.
  • VC Larvicide– applied on to water surfaces where mosquitoes breed. It prevents the mosquito larvae from leaving the breeding site and stops them from becoming a flying biting insect.

Innovative Products

Products with advanced and innovative technology. Specialised Nano-encapsulation, unique modes of action and delivery mechanisms to kill mosquitoes without harm to humans, animals and the environment.

International Distribution

We operate through our distribution channels across all continents through our network of distributors, wholesalers, retailers, paint manufacturers and JV partners.

Proven Results

Tested over 6 years with extensive field trials and in world renowned test laboratories both in the UK and overseas.


We are partners with an advanced nano-encapsulation facility to produce new technologies that are more effective and less harmful to the environment.

Our Market Sectors


Hotels & Apartments

Hotels and apartments are protecting their guests and clients with VC Coating and keeping the rooms free of mosquitoes.

Tourism Industry

Hotels are now offering ‘mosquito-free’ rooms which have been treated with VC Coating to protect guests and employees.
office space

Offices & Commercial

Companies are now applying VC Coating to protect their businesses and their employees from mosquitoes


We work with large companies on their CSR workforce programmes, that includes the use of VC products.


The product is particularly effective in preventing further disease in hospital and healthcare facilities

UNOPS Affordable Housing

VC Coating is being applied in many new Affordable Homes Projects. SHS are one of several Developers working with UNOPS for housing in Africa and other counties. VC Coating is being applied in every new home to help prevent malaria, dengue and other vector diseases.

Feel safe - feel protected!

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Why Work With Us?

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6 years of experience

We have created highly advanced products using unique technologies and modes of action to kill mosquitoes

Vectorcide has a range of products that are technically more advanced than any other anti-malaria based product. They are safe, non-toxic to humans or animals and are not harmful to our environment. We are always looking for partners and distributors.


Advanced Technology

Probably the most advanced in the world!

Our facility based in India houses some of the most advanced technology and capability for nano-encapsulation technology.

This technology allows us to formulate more advanced products than are currently on the market.

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Professional team

Technical and Account Management

As a company we have experienced staff and management that have been with us for many years. From technical to distributor support, our key account tanagers work closely with all agents, distributors, remote manufacturing facilities and their clients.

Our reputation is the proof!

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Some Of Our Distributors