Vectorcide Protect

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Vectorcide Protect

VC Protect For Home, Work & Office

Our original and best-selling mosquito-killing paint. Apply to internal walls and ceilings for over 12 months of protection from vector diseases.

1 Litre covers 25-35 sq metres

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    VC Protect For Home, Work & Office 

    Vectorcide Protect is our original best-selling paint-like coating that is easily applied to walls and ceilings. Once applied the unique technology in the paint kills mosquitoes effectively.

    Vectorcide Protect is safe and non-toxic, there is no smell and the insecticide is encased in our unique tiny, nano-capsules which are also embedded in our paints’ surface.

    Gives 12 months of protection at a 100% mortality rate for all types of mosquitoes.

    VC Protect

    1 Litre, 5 Litres, 25 Litres


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