VC Protect Mosquito Killing Paint

Vectorcide Protect Anti-Mosquito Paint

VC Protect

Vectorcide Protect is a highly effective mosquito-killing paint that contains a World Health Organisation approved ingredient used for vector control.

Vectorcide Protect is a polymeric coating formulated to house the insecticide inside its unique micro capsules within its surface. Sitting just below the surface, they are only broken by the mosquito’s pin-like legs.¬†

With over 30 billion micro capsules per square metre of treated surface, the technology only allows the releases of the specialised IP protected ingredients onto the insect, when broken by the mosquito. The insect suffers immediate pain and will fly away to die.

The ingredients in the micro capsules only go onto the insect and not into the room environment, therefore it is safe for humans and pets and has no odour. Being a polymeric formulation, Vectorcide Protect can be wiped down to keep clean, and will not break the capsules. Safe and effective.

VC Protect is also effective against other small insects and spiders.

VC Protect for Home, Work, Office and Commercial properties.

Vectorcide Protect is our original best-selling paint-like coating that is easily applied to walls and ceilings. Once applied the unique technology in the paint kills mosquitoes effectively.

The delivery method and mode of action of the product is a major part of our pedigree. Our micro-capsules are formulated to be strong and not break by touching and wiping of the coating, but will only break when the mosquito “tramples” on the surface and its tiny ‘pin-like’ legs puncture the nano capsule cell wall.

Gives 12 months of protection at a 100% mortality rate for all types of mosquitoes.

Apply as you would a emulsion paint with approximate coverage of 30-35 square metres when applied using a paint roller, or 20-25 square metres when applied using a paintbrush.

Once dry, VC Protect will start to protect you after it dries and will give full protection afetr 7-10 days.

Vectorcide Protect will continue to provide protection from mosquitoes for over 2 years.

Available in 1, 5, 25 litres

Method of application


Gloves are suggested to keep your hands clean

Paint Roller

Use a paint roller for best results or a paintbrush


A paint tray or suitable container is ideal 


A set of steps or extension pole for reaching ceilings