VC Prevent Mosquito Larvicide

Vectorcide Shield Anti-Mosquito Paint

VC Prevent Larvicide

Vectorcide is a natural ingredient version that prevents mosquito larvae from becoming an adult flying insect. They remain in the water for the entire life.

VC Prevent is a plant based, eco-friendly mosquito larvae growth inhibitor.

Vectorcide Prevent is our new innovative liquid eco-friendly larvicide which can be applied to any water form to prevent mosquito larvae from growing into flying, biting insects. Once applied to water, the unique technology it targets the larvae  preventing it from maturing into an adult mosquito.

The delivery method and mode of action of the product is a major part of our pedigree. Our micro-capsules are formulated to release at a variety of times so the product will usually be 100% effective over an entire mosquito breeding season.

Once the capsules break, a number of our IP protected ingredients are released which allow immediate penetration of the active ingredient onto and into the larvae . The larvae’s hormones are targeted preventing its growth to maturity thus remaining its entire life in the pond/water. 

Vectorcide Prevent is safe and non-toxic, and although it contains a synthetic versions of plant based ingredients, the actives are encased in our unique tiny, micro-capsules. 

Apply by hand or by commercial sprayer, it begins to work immediately.

Supplied in a concentrated form and required dilution before applying into the water form.

Available in 1, 5 and 20 litres and in commercial 200-litre drums and 1,000-litre IBC’s.

Can be applied by any method

by hand, by spraying, by drone or mechanical methods
Mosquito Larvae

Mosquito Larvae

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Spray Application

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Bulk Application


Applying By Drone