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Thailand reports an increase in many infectious diseases in 2023

2023 saw an increase in most infectious diseases—arbovirus diseases, parasitic, sexually transmitted and vaccine preventable– in Thailand, according to data from the country’s Bureau of Epidemiology (BOE).

I’ll describe a little about the lesser known diseases/infections.

Dengue, chikungunya and Zika increases

In 2023, Thailand reported increases in dengue fever. 153,734 total cases were reported this year, a 231 percent increase compared to the 46,679 cases reported in 2022.

Deaths were also up from 32 last year to 168 in 2023.

Thailand saw a 290 percent increase in Zika virus infections in 2023—from 190 last year to 742 in 2023.

While not nearly as dramatic as dengue fever or Zika virus, Thailand also reported a slight increase in chikungunya cases—1371 in 2023 compared to 1311 in 2022.

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