Offices & Commercial

Vectocide International Ltd is working with employers to make their workplaces safer and more productive for their employees. Vectorcide coating ensures that the indoor environment is mosquito free while the numbers of mosquito in the grounds of the office complexes are reduced due to the action of Vectorcide Larvicide which…


Some prestigious hotels and buildings are now virtually mosquito free, and rooms that previously had a heavy infestation of mosquitoes can now be  comfortably utilised.

Chalets around a water feature were experiencing issues with guests  refusing to stay in the rooms due to the mosquito population. Within 48 hours  of applying VC Coating (see pictures), there was a noticeable absence of  any mosquitoes as the product reduces the population. The product was also proven to reduce instances of bites.


A strong group is operating in Ghana. They have FDA approval and are looking for distributors. They have already imported product and are selling into the market. They will also be supplying VC Coating to the UNOPS Affordable Homes Build


We have a strong master distributor in Thailand that is already well-positioned in the market place.

They have existing sales channels to explore but are keen to find sub-distributors to expand the business.