With the Mekong Delta suffering from spikes in infectious disease cases from various diseases like dengue fever, malaria and the Zika virus, we at Vectorcide have made a huge decision to start shipment of Vectorcide coating. Our first shipment of Vectorcide coating will reach its first country in the Mekong

The Female Mosquito What is the most dangerous insect in the world? Well, without a doubt, it is the mosquito. Generally, mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit have been proven to have caused millions of deaths across the world. Today, the mosquitoes that transmit malaria infect over 800,000 and cause

Malaria is the cause of about 800,000 deaths every year. This makes it the deadliest disease in Africa and the second deadliest in the world. Of all cases, 90% are in sub-Saharan Africa where it is the biggest cause of death. On average, a child dies of Malaria every 30

Infectious Diseases Vector-borne diseases are infections that are carried by very small organisms. Some of these vectors include fresh-water snails, bugs, infected mosquitoes bites, flies, and ticks that get transmitted to humans. Many people have lost their lives to a wide range of vector-borne diseases. Thankfully, you can use these

A common phrase is that the worst times bring out the best in people and as this is happening during this pandemic, it is true of companies and organisations all over the world. Companies and organisations are all being challenged by the invisible killer, COVID-19.  During the COVID-19 crisis, companies

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A New Partnership has been Unfolded Vectorcide International Ltd is delighted to announce that we have been chosen by UNOPS to work in partnership on a major worldwide affordable housing project. “Ensuring that people have an adequate and sanitary place to call home is a prerequisite for enhancing social and

Dengue & Vectorcide As per our recent press release, we’re delighted to confirm that our patented coating will soon be in use across Thailand and the Mekong Delta. What is Dengue? Dengue is a viral infection spread by mosquitoes. It’s widespread in many parts of the world. In particular, people

A new modelling analysis by WHO and partners considers nine scenarios for potential disruptions in access to core malaria control tools during the pandemic in 41 countries, and the resulting increases that may be seen in cases and deaths. Under the worst-case scenario, in which all insecticide-treated net  campaigns are

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Watch Video A professionally managed case study / trial  began in December 2017 by our exclusive  distributor for Pakistan and continues alongside  commercial sales. Vectorcide Coating has been shown to significantly reduced mosquitoes in mosques, schools,  hotels and civic buildings. Haseeb Haque – Principal, Vectorcide Pakistan

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Working  with Vectorcide, The Butterfly Tree Charity with the use of Vectorcide products has considerably reduced  the number of known malaria cases by 83.0%  in an initial treated region on a year-on-year  time horizon. Since then, many Vectorcide  treated areas are now experiencing NO new  cases of malaria. Jane Kaye-Bailey


Pandemic could ‘turn back the clock’ 20 years on malaria deaths, warns WHO World Malaria Day is celebrated every year on 25th April all across the globe World Malaria Day is celebrated every year on 25th April all across the globe with an aim to raise mass awareness about malaria and ensure the

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Pandemic could ‘turn back the clock’ 20 years on malaria deaths, warns WHO Three-year review says new vaccines for eradicating disease are only 40% effective The review calls for a global investment of $34bn (£28bn) over the next 11 years to provide healthcare in malarial regions. Photograph: Jennifer Huxta/The Guardian