The ability to overcome resistance

Overcoming resistance is key to better malaria control. Vectorcide has formulated a paint that does that!
  • Advanced Encapsulation – leading edge technology advancements
  • Mode Of Action  – this is a new technology formulated to give exceptional results
  • Delivery mechanism – A highly advanced system which aids overcoming resistance
  • Field Trials – Many countries have reduced the number of new malaria cases dramatically
  • Zambia  – many villages are now not having any new cases of malaria
  • Testing – 6 years of R&D and exhaustive testing. Proven to kill mosquitoes even after 12 months

VC Insecticidal Coating

Vectorcide Coating protects you from mosquitoes when indoors. Simple and easy to apply as you would a paint. Protects any room or building for over 12 months. Easy to re-apply

Vectorcide Coating gives you a safe and long lasting protection from mosquitoes in your home, work or where you visit or stay. Applied usually to the ceiling of any room, the product will continue to protect you for over 12 months.

Vectorcide Coating has been developed to maximise the delivered dose of the active (ingredient that kills the mosquito) to make sure that the mosquito will die once affected without affecting human or environmental health.
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Vectorcide Larvicide Granules

Our larvicide granules are developed to be able to provide months of activity. They disperse in any water area and prevent the growth of mosquito larvae.

Vectorcide Larvicide is a specially formulated larvae growth inhibitor . The larvae is prevented from growing into an adult therefore it never emerges from the water it has lived in. This cuts the life-chain from the egg to the biting insect.

Vectorcide Larvicide is a fast acting mosquito larvae growth inhibitor that is applied into water areas. It has a variety of capsules that dissolve over different periods of time, giving several months efficacy


Vectorcide and its partners have developed unique formulations that overcome resistance found in mosquitoes. The ability to use our advanced technology, is key to the difference in VC products.

Nano Technology

Our nano encapsulation facility is one of the best in the world. We can pack over 20 billion nano-capsules into every square meter of VC Coating treated surface, and providing over 12 months longevity of performance.

LSHTM Testing

VC Coating was tested by The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) fully tested the products over 15 months and confirmed that it gave a greater than 99% kill rate on mosquitoes even at 12 months.

Field Trials & Case Studies

Extensive field trials have been carried out in Zambia and Pakistan. In rural, mud hut villages, they have used both Vc Coating and VC Larvicide and now report zero new cases of malaria in 2019 / 2020