Offices & Commercial

Vectocide International Ltd is working with employers to make their workplaces safer and more productive for their employees. Vectorcide coating ensures that the indoor environment is mosquito free while the numbers of mosquito in the grounds of the office complexes are reduced due to the action of Vectorcide Larvicide which…

UNOPS Affordable Housing

VC Coating is being applied in many new Affordable Homes Projects. SHS are one of several Developers working with UNOPS for housing in Africa and other counties. VC Coating is being applied in every new home to help prevent malaria, dengue and other vector diseases.

CSR Programmes

Vectorcide is working with several large organisations who employ large workforces in the field of mining, oil etc. Protecting their workforce from malaria, dengue, zika, yellow fever etc is essential. VC Coating is being applied in their on-site housing.

Future Technology

At Vectorcide we are continuously working to advance our products faster than the ever evolving mosquito. Using our advanced nano-technology, we are creating capsules that can contain a number of chemicals, or actives that will overcome mosquito resistance. We will be announcing soon some new advancements following field trials