Join Our Team

We are expanding our network of distribution rapidly during 2020. We are keen to find key companies to promote, stock and sell the award winning, life-saving product range.

Where we have an existing client we will make arrangements with them on your behalf.

If you have an existing business or wish to establish a new opportunity, please get in touch. We will send you a business profile and further information on the chosen business model.


Distributors have an exclusive contract for their country. They are responsible for their own marketing and sales. Good markups and opportunities.Access More Information »


Wholesalers are companies that either add the product to their existing or new portfolio, or secure an exclusive or non-exclusive license for a market sector.Access More Information »

JV Partners

We have a few opportunities only remaining for JV Partners who will have a bigger role in Vectorcide operations in a region or continent.Access More Information »

Paint Manufacturers

If you have manufacturing facilities or want to import Vectorcide products for ‘in-territory’ there are opportunities available.