In Moomba Chiefdom, 46% of the population had malaria in 2017. In December that year the charity started a programme to provide  universal Vectorcide coverage for the entire Chiefdom.


Moomba Zambia

VC Coating and Granules were applied in the Mukuni  Chiefdom. A total of 740 structures were painted with the VC  coating and the Mukuni Chiefdom recorded only 200 new cases of Malaria in the treated district.

In the nearby similar Ndola Chiefdom which chose NOT to have VC products, a staggering 4,516 confirmed cases of malaria were recorded in the same period.

Jane Kaye-Bailey – Founder, The Butterfly Tree Charity

vc village
Makuni Chiefdom – Zambia

A professionally managed case study / trial  began in December 2017 by our exclusive  distributor for Pakistan and continues alongside  commercial sales. Vectorcide Coating has been shown to significantly reduced mosquitoes in mosques, schools,  hotels and civic buildings.

Haseeb Haque – Principal, Vectorcide Pakistan

Man in suit
Pakistan Testimonial
Working  with Vectorcide, The Butterfly Tree Charity with the use of Vectorcide products has considerably reduced  the number of known malaria cases by 83.0%  in an initial treated region on a year-on-year  time horizon. Since then, many Vectorcide  treated areas are now experiencing NO new  cases of malaria.

Jane Kaye-Bailey – Founder, The Butterfly Tree Charity

Zambia – No New Cases of Malaria