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Our vision was to create products that are more advanced, cost effective solutions for preventing all mosquito borne diseases

We have created products that are more advanced and cost effective for preventing mosquito borne diseases.

By the use of Vectorcide products, our aim is to help prevent the misery and loss of life that malaria – dengue brings to many.

Our advanced technology and formulations ensure that people are not exposed to mosquitoes and the deadly diseases they carry.

We are passionate about our business and our products which are making a documented difference where the products are being applied.We intend to extend our operations into over 40 countries by the end of 2020.

We are passionate about our products which are saving lives and preventing misery from vector borne diseases. We intend to extend our operations through distributors into over 40 countries by the end of 2020.

  • Research Driven – Years of testing, R&D and accredited formulations.
  • Results Orientated – Successful Field Trials have proven to save lives.
  • Future Development – We ensure that we stay one-step ahead of the mosquito’s ability to develop resistance to insecticides.

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Achieving Results

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Vectorcide Challenge

Our Goal

In 2016 we set about formulating a very different application that was safer, longer lasting and more effective at killing mosquitoes inside buildings. The product is a replacement for current indoor solutions, such as ‘IRS’ [Indoor Residual Spraying].

IRS is a method whereby a toxic insecticide solution is sprayed “openly” onto internal walls in a building. This continuously releases toxic fumes and loses efficacy quite quickly.

Vectorcide developed an indoor ‘paint-like’ coating that once applied to a room, will stay 100% effective for 12 months from application.

High Quality Standards

Our manufacturing and research facilities formulate some of the most advanced technology in advanced vector control products

Educated & Experienced Team

The Vectorcide team members have many years of experience to support you the distributor and your business.

Modern Business Solutions

We are a forward looking-company. We are focused on innovation and creativity.

We continuously endeavour to find new formulations to change disease control forever

Inspection & Accreditation

VC Coating is accredited by the UK’s London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, as well as documented field trials in Africa, Asia, and FDA approvals in many countries.

Global Connections

We currently have distributors in many countries and are expanding our operation and network of distributors during 2020.

Positive Reviews

We have many peer reviews of the products ability to deal with mosquitoes, which can be found in our testimonials page.

Saving Lives!

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